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The Housing Authority of the City of Winder, GA

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The Mission Statement of the Winder Housing Authority is:

To promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.

The Housing Authority of the City of Winder, GA (The Authority) was established in 1953, under the laws of the State of Georgia. The Authority is a quasi-governmental agency, separate and distinct from the general city or county government. Under its Conventional Public Housing program, the Authority rents units that it owns to low-income individuals, who pay 30% of their adjusted gross income towards rent.

The Authority derives the majority of its revenue from rents and federal subsidies through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Authority uses no local tax revenue in its operation.

The Authority administers the Low Rent Public Housing Program in accordance with HUD rules and regulations. Currently, the Authority manages three-hundred twenty five (325) apartments in the counties of Barrow and Jackson. In the City of Winder, the Authority manages two-hundred eighty one (281) apartments, thirty-two (32) in Statham and twelve (12) in Braselton. There are a total of eight (8) properties managed by the Authority with a full maintenance and management team.

The Authority administers an annual budget in excess of $2 million, which includes capital outlays for comprehensive improvements. Funding sources include the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (fiscal agent for Family Connections), rental income, and limited other income. As the largest provider of affordable housing in Winder, the Authority has extensive experience in the management and renovations of residential rental property.

A number of innovative programs are currently being formulated to include a homeownership program, Section 3 development and training program, resident training program and more.

The Housing Authority of the City of Winder, GA prides itself in providing quality, affordable housing in a fair and consistent manner.

Winder Housing Authority Now GA DCA Approved Housing Counseling Agency

Winder Housing Authority is now a Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs approved Homebuyer Counseling Agency, offering pre and post homebuyer counseling services free of charge.   Individual Counseling may include: Pre-Purchase / Home Buying, Non-Delinquency Post Purchase, Locating, Securing, or Maintaining Residence in Rental Housing, Shelter or Services for the Homeless and / or Fair Housing.  Group Education / Classes may include: Pre-purchase / Home Buying, Resolving or Preventing Mortgage Delinquency/Default, Shelter or Services for the Homeless and / or Fair Housing. To learn more about these counseling opportunities, contact Winder Housing Authority at or 770-867-7495.