WHA COVID-19 Protocol

Dear Crescent & Innovation Property Families,
I hope this letter finds each and every one of you healthy and happy. As we mentioned before, a few things will be different as we continue to service our residents amid the current global situation. Our office is open by appointment only and we have resumed routine work orders. Rent payments, documents and materials will continue to be by drop box only. All office visits will be by appointment only. For those visiting the Wimberly Center by appointment or residents requiring work in their unit the following questions will be asked:

  • Is in your household currently exhibiting flu-like symptoms?
  • Is anyone in your household awaiting a coronavirus test result?
  • Is anyone in your household currently diagnosed with coronavirus?

When you arrive for an appointment please ring the intercom at the front door or call 770.867.7495 Extension 1001 or 0 and the receptionist will facilitate entrance into the Wimberly Center and alert the appropriate staff or partner. Administrative staff are available Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm by phone or you may email to the contact below at any time:
Mayra Matos, Property Manager, 770-867-7495 Ext. 1014, mmatos@winderhousing.com
Linda Crumley, Assistant Property Manager – recertification and interim certifications
770-867-7495 Ext. 1004, lcrumley@winderhousing.com
Phyllis Mayweather, Assistant Property Manager – recertification and interim certifications
770-867-7495 Ext. 1015, pmayweather@winderhousing.com
Mary Collins, Reception – appointments, resident and applicant support,
770-867-7495 Ext. 1001 mcollins@winderhousing.com
Remember the available resources for those affected by the pandemic. Family Connection provides the Barrow County COVID-19 Resource web page. Be sure to check updates by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at https://www.cdc.gov for more information on keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Warm Regards,

Michelle Yawn, Executive Director, CEO

770.867.7495, myawn@winderhousing.com