Families wishing to apply for the multi-family program (PBRA) with the Housing Authority of the City of Winder will be required to complete an electronic application for housing assistance. Applications will be accepted online at wha.winderhousing.com when the waiting list is open on May 15, 2023 at 8:00 AM.

Applications are taken to compile a waiting list, and applicants are ranked preferences and then date and time of application.

Completed applications will be accepted for all applicants and the Winder Housing Authority will verify the information.

Applicants with no access to computers may visit our office at 163 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Winder, GA or visit the  Winder Piedmont Library at 189 Bellview St., Winder, GA.

Persons with disabilities who require a reasonable accommodation in completing an application may call the Winder Housing Authority to make special arrangements. A Telecommunication Device  (TDD) is available for the deaf. The TDD telephone number is 770-868-0675.