Join the resident organization!

Dear Crescent Properties and Innovation Properties residents,

Winder Housing Authority (WHA), management agent to Crescent Properties and Innovation Properties, encourages the involvement and participation of residents in their housing activities.  The purpose in this letter is to recruit residents that are interested in getting involved in this effort. Can I count on YOU?

I, along with several other residents, are committed to helping form a resident organization, where we can partner together to help facilitate training and education to our communities, as well as be an open, honest voice to the WHA on key issues as that are affecting our communities.

There are resources available to help us get organized, so if you have a heart to serve and are interested in forming a resident organization, please call me at 404.207.7662. If you are not interested in serving, but have feedback on what you would like to see us focus on, PLEASE call me. I am eager to hear from you and look forward to partnering together to make our communities stronger and better.

All my best, Ms. Brenda Hudson, Resident of Hardigree Terrace – Crescent Properties


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